Why Numerology

Why work with me? 

40 years of experience and study, and  application of spiritual teachings, including long time meditator. I use my scientific knowledge with my esoteric psychic training and abilities to form an accurate picture of your soul journey, lessons, challenges, gifts you came here to share.  I also look into relationships, connections with others and your spiritual/psychological framework.

Numerology is an esoteric science based on symbols, cycles, and the vibration or frequency of letters/numbers associated with the chosen name. Numerology provides a means of understanding cyclical patterns or qualities related specifically to each of us in our personal life. The name we chose upon incarnating has a very certain frequency. (energetic vibration). Yes, I know from doing hundreds of charts and readings, you did choose your name.  We also choose where we are born, our parents, siblings, time and date of birth. 

The accuracy I gain from looking at a person’s chart, based on their name chosen at birth, is very profound.  I find the accuracy to be inarguable.  When you understand your unique rhythm, it becomes easier to flow with life and adapt to the cycles and changes as they happen. I have found that the karmic lessons calculated from a numerology chart really help us understand what we experience as we navigate through our life. Numerology paints a picture of future possibilities, including what you came to Earth to accomplish, what lessons you need to learn, and how this all ties into your life plan and soul purpose.

The Fate Is In Your Numbers