"Daniel did my numerological chart and intuitive reading, as well as for both my sons. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to everybody. I learned about my/their past lives, my/their purpose in the incarnation and many other helpful information."

Sebastien Idee

I had two numerology readings with Daniel (2019 & 2023) and it helped me to make sense of those years thus being able to best navigate and work with the numerology “weather.”  Daniel is also very intuitive and is able to tap into my energy and answer important questions I had during those readings (i.e. what should be my take away and learnings from my divorce), and the answers I received was not only profound but invaluable, I have been holding those answers from 2019 in my consciousness and I continue to work towards those learnings/teachings.  I highly recommend Daniel for a reading!

Laurine Young

Boulder, CO

I consulted Daniel recently because I had three experiences in which I felt trapped. I thought it was some unresolved trauma making its way to the surface, and I wanted some help with releasing it. Daniel gathered my numerology information, consulted his resources, and then told me that it is an appropriate part of my growth path that I experience feeling trapped at this point, on my way toward breaking out of old limitations and moving forward with my life. It was a huge relief to hear that I was right on track with my soul’s growth and did not have something “wrong” with me that I would need to fix.
Daniel is kind and generous, and I am so very appreciative of his wisdom and skills, both learned and intuitive.
Kirin Loomis
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
I am providing this testimonial to express my appreciation and thank Daniel Rivard for his thoroughly professional and accurate numerology reading. In my case, Daniel’s amazing ability to use “timelines to the past” provided access and insight into some longstanding personal questions and difficulties, enabling me to proceed with confidence and make the necessary changes in my life.
Connie Anne Miller
Firestone, CO

The Fate Is In The Numbers