Here we are now entering the year 2022.  We are almost 4 months into this year and we see many world changes.  At one level, things might look bleak.  There is global unrest, a war in Eastern Europe, inflation, gas prices on the rise, continued use of fossil fuels, etc… What is going on?  Well, we all should be aware that a breakdown precedes a breakthrough.  We are in a global breakdown, a cleansing, a purging of the old way of doing things.  The patriarchal system in giving up making way for the emergence of the matriarchal and the divine feminine.  We see this with the male dominated paradigm of might is right.   The use of force and fear to promote our own agenda and resolve conflict has got to go.  World leaders are attempting to figure out how to live together with the global economic changes and disruptions with the war in Ukraine.  The spiritual world is buzzing and many beings are stirred up and serving humanity to help awaken and redirect our focus to the ascension so we realize our interconnectedness with all of life, including the Earth.

We live in a dynamic system where everything affects everything else.  The people of the Earth can no longer act or feel separate from each other or the planet we live on.  What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves.  

The wake up call has been given.  Will humanity answer the call?  The next 5 to 10 years are critical for us to reverse climate changes that are heading humanity towards a global calamity.  The spiritual awakening simply means we must remember that LOVE is what we came here to experience, learn, share, and to serve.  To serve the greater good we must be a unified planet with the intention to support and honor all of life, from human to insect, to mammals, to the trees, oceans, and the air we all breathe.  It is time to wake up and see the world as GOD sees us.. Our divine pure essence is LOVE and this is the destiny of our species to expand out into the cosmos and become galactic citizens..first, though , we must know PEACE within each of us.. and spread PEACE throughout the planet.  yes, it seems far fetched.. is this realistic.??  if we don’t achieve our divine soul purpose as a unified species, I don’t see how we can survive on a planet that needs everyone to work together for the good of all, and not just for some individual exclusive gain… 

Wishing everyone the absolute best of life and love.. may we all know the divine essence of SELF…

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Founder of Soul Path Ventures, Daniel Rivard, is an experienced professional Numerologist (35 years of training, application, and study), an experienced accurate clairvoyant/intuitive (Psychic Horizons Center, Boulder, CO.), energy and aura body healer (Reiki, Jin Shin Jitsu, therapeutic touch, Chakra energy clearing), spiritual soul path workshop/seminar leader, and health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York).

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Sessions are 1 1/2 hours and I spend at least 30 minutes in meditation and preparation before a reading. (usual price is $140.00 for the usual chart. reading…$200.00 for the two-hour deeper dive)

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