Breakdown to Breakthrough

It seems in life most people reach a point where they must choose between growth, spiritual awakening, or the path of quiet desperation. Unfortunately, most people choose to remain in a pattern of resistance to change, and stay relatively stuck in old habits, patterns and conditioned responses to life. We all experience symptoms of how […]

Numerology and Relationships: How to Use Numerology to Improve Your Connections with Others

Bearded man meditating in field

Do you ever wonder why you seem to connect with certain people on a deeper level than others? Or why do some relationships seem to flow naturally, while others require a lot of effort and struggle? Numerology, the study of numbers and their meanings, can offer insights into the dynamics of your relationships and help […]


Numerology numbers on the table astrology. Selective focus.

Are you ready for a new beginning? A chance to unlock your true potential and discover your soul’s purpose? Look no further than Soul Path Ventures! For a limited time, we are offering our full 2 1/2 hour psychic and intuitive reading with a comprehensive numerology chart at an incredible 50% off! That’s right, you […]


Here we are now entering the year 2022.  We are almost 4 months into this year and we see many world changes.  At one level, things might look bleak.  There is global unrest, a war in Eastern Europe, inflation, gas prices on the rise, continued use of fossil fuels, etc… What is going on?  Well, […]

Attracting financial abundance, the energetic flow of money

Positive energy

Money.. what is it? How does it come into manifestation? Like all of the physical manifest world.. and the unmanifest world, everything is ENERGY.. ENERGY is neutral. It just is.  Energy is always seeking the highest level of vibration. Energy needs to flow like water through the channels of continuous movement. Pushing forward. Expanding. Like […]

a planetary wake-up call.we are the trailblazers for the new Human

Solar system planets set. The Sun and planets in a row on univer

a planetary wake up call..we are the trailblazers for the new Human OK. so here goes.. THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY.. ALONG WITH GAIA.. OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET.. SENT OUT A “CEASE AND DESIST ORDER”… this is a call to shift our endless focus on “CONSUMING NATURAL RESOURCES”… really take time to SEE what we are […]