a planetary wake-up call.we are the trailblazers for the new Human

a planetary wake up call..we are the trailblazers for the new Human

OK. so here goes.. THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY.. ALONG WITH GAIA.. OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET.. SENT OUT A “CEASE AND DESIST ORDER”… this is a call to shift our endless focus on “CONSUMING NATURAL RESOURCES”… really take time to SEE what we are doing to the planet. (the waters, the skies, the soil, the earth, and to all life, all the animals, and to each other)…  We are breeding a new civilization, a new species.. and yes, this is just the beginning, and it feels sometimes like all hell is breaking loose.(and it is)… and I certainly have gone through and continue to go through much emotional catharsis..Barbara Marx Hubbard coined a term for the new awakening human, “Homo Universalis”… the Universal or Galactic Human.  Hopefully we will learn that there is no longer “room” to do business as usual.  That’s right, Washington,  will you heed the call, and rouse from your slumber.  Will we keep pouring money into the industrial military complex?  Will we continue to spew out fossil fuel emissions, filling the air with CO2, methane, and toxic gases?  There is great possibility that for the long haul, the big picture, this event will shift the course of our species and we will move into a higher frequency and perhaps into the 5th Dimension.   Remember, that as trail blazers, we are the transition team, the ones with the machete hacking through the jungle to blaze a path for those coming behind us.  It feels icky, traumatic, and scary at times.. cause we are in new territory.  uncharted waters.  All are being asked to let go of control, surrender what has been true for you.. for all is uncertain and unpredictable.  Trust there is a great force for good in the universe that knows what it is doing.

We are all being called to:  stop, pause, slow down, become still, listen to ourselves.. go within..seek what is really important and valuable for us and future generations.  Will the human species evolve and hear the real meaning and call of this spiritual awakening?  Time will tell.  Some will no doubt go back to sleep.  Some will pass this off as just a coincidental act of nature.. HA.. there are no coincidences!!!!!  The meaning of this time is for us to start learning that we are all connected. Every living thing on this planet is connected and affected by everything we think, say, feel, and do. Your every thought goes out into the field of Consciousness and affects every other aspect of life.  The new species we are trailblazing our path towards will learn to support, co-operate, and empower each other.  We will communicate via telepathy, empathy, the heart, and be able to remote view anywhere on the planet.. This will be the end of all hidden agenda’s..No more lies.. no more secret agreements in Washington, D.C… No more burning fossil fuels and emitting carbons into the atmosphere to destroy life on earth…

I have a lot more to say and no time this minute.   A LOT MORE TO SAY..  will re-start blogging this week.. as time permits.. blessings to all.. Daniel

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Founder of Soul Path Ventures, Daniel Rivard, is an experienced professional Numerologist (35 years of training, application, and study), an experienced accurate clairvoyant/intuitive (Psychic Horizons Center, Boulder, CO.), energy and aura body healer (Reiki, Jin Shin Jitsu, therapeutic touch, Chakra energy clearing), spiritual soul path workshop/seminar leader, and health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York).

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